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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Queerness \Queer"ness\, n. The quality or state of being queer.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1680s, "strangeness," from queer (adj.) + -ness. Meaning "homosexuality" is from 1971.


n. 1 (cx uncountable English) The quality of being queer or odd. 2 (cx countable English) Something queer; an oddity. 3 (cx uncountable English) The quality of being queer, in the sense of not conforming to normal sexual identities.


n. a strange attitude or habit [syn: oddity, quirk, quirkiness, crotchet]

Usage examples of "queerness".

Some fear had been gathering in me, perhaps because of the strangeness of my heritage, and the bleakness of the evening, and the queerness of the silence in that aged town of curious customs.

There Mazurewicz had found something monstrous--or thought he had, for no one else could quite agree with him despite the undeniable queerness of the prints.

Then came that queerness about the element of time, and with it desperate efforts to place the fragmentary dream-glimpses in the chronological and spatial pattern.

They were larger and dark, and, according to the sculptures, their motion over land surfaces was a swift, assured matter despite the queerness of their sea-born tentacle equipment.

In the second place, his organic processes shewed a certain queerness of proportion which nothing in medical experience can parallel.

Local tradesmen spoke of the queerness of the orders brought them by the evil-looking mulatto, and in particular of the inordinate amounts of mean and fresh blood secured from the two butcher shops in the immediate neighbourhood.

The cover was not hard to lift, and the father had quite removed it when Willett noticed the queerness of his aspect.

Before the judge his manner grew urbane and reasonable, and he freely admitted the queerness of demeanour and extravagant cast of language into which he had fallen through excessive devotion to study and research.

He had felt sure that her sudden attack of queerness, of hysterics--call it what you might--had been due to the shouting outside.

It would have taken a century, he repeatedly said to himself, and said also to Alice Staverton, it would have taken a longer absence and a more averted mind than those even of which he had been guilty, to pile up the differences, the newnesses, the queernesses, above all the bignesses, for the better or the worse, that at present assaulted his vision wherever he looked.

That kind of queerness is easy to understand, for sure, and but for the grace of God Gerald O’.

He tweaked Brett Chase himself, a concise little threat--a _Hush-Hush_ exposé on his queerness.

Lindenaur met Hartshorn through some fruit introduction service, perved with him and threatened to snitch Hartshorn’s queerness to the daughter.