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Quayle is a surname of Anglo-Celtic origin, specifically English, Irish, Manx and Scottish.

When the name originates from Ireland, the Isle of Man and Scotland it is an Anglicisation of the Gaelic Mac Phàil (Scottish) Mac Phóil (Irish) "Mac Phaayl" (Manx) meaning "son of Pàil/Póil/Paayl". These are Gaelic patronymic forms of the personal name Paul. When originating in Ireland the name is sometimes a variant of the surname Quill. When Quayle is of English origin the surname can be derived from the Old French/ Middle English quaille, meaning " quail". In this way the name would be used as a nickname for a timorous, lecherous, or fat person - words that all describe this particular bird. The name is recorded in the Isle Man as MacFayle in 1511, and MacQuayle, Quayle in 1540. The name is recorded in England as Quayle in 1327.

Usage examples of "quayle".

Mr Quayle advised me to rest, as I had been doing too much and felt exhausted.

Mr Quayle was one of these parasites who ingratiate themselves with lonely women.

Mrs Burke I decided that Eleanor and Mr Quayle would be glad of a change from foreign food, so we would have a roast beef dinner on the evening of their arrival.

At first glance there was nothing unusual about Vernon Quayle, nothing to cause unease.

This should have been a happy and exciting moment, but everybody seemed ill at ease, except for Vernon Quayle himself.

I felt suddenly that I must get away if only for a few minutes, for I could scarcely bear to see Vernon Quayle and Eleanor together.

In his place Vernon Quayle engaged a sour, burly man from Southampton.

Vernon Quayle was not in the house he was out walking or riding alone.

I shivered, wondering what instinct made her regard Vernon Quayle in such a light.

Vernon Quayle is like Rild, that High Lama I told you about, except that Rild was a good man and I think Vernon Quayle is bad.

Vernon Quayle astonished me by appearing in the drawing-room after dinner.

Eleanor was in her room, resting before lunch, something she had never dreamt of in the time before Vernon Quayle, when her energy had been boundless.

And then it came to me, even as I remembered the way Vernon Quayle had smiled when he first saw the Round Room.

I wondered if Vernon Quayle would be hostile towards me, but his manner did not change.

One thing was quite certain, that Vernon Quayle was responsible for the heart-breaking change in her.