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quartz crystal

n. a thin plate or small rod of quartz cut along certain lines and ground so that it can produce an electric signal at a constant frequency; used in crystal oscillators

Usage examples of "quartz crystal".

On Charon we found a perfect quartz crystal that weighed a thousand pounds in a pegmatitic formation.

She tapped data retrieval for all information on black quartz crystal and specimens there of.

A big chunk of clear quartz crystal, larger than chan Tesh's fist.

For an instant, just an instant, had the quartz crystal outcroppings flared green?

She ran forward to look where the missile had fallen, and found there a pure double-ended quartz crystal, the colour of water and clear ice.

The chunk of coruscating quartz crystal arrived in less than a second, decelerating smoothly to a dead stop in midair at a point precisely equidistant from them both.

Like some monstrous quartz crystal or the great tooth of some incomprehensibly huge monster lying on its side, half buried in old rock, it lay mere, shifting now and again without actually moving in a way none of them could quite reconcile, its jagged, hollowed-out end drawing them in.

Giggling, she tugged free a rose quartz crystal the size of an apricot.