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n. (plural of quart English)

Usage examples of "quarts".

If the liquor is then short of 5 quarts, make it equal to this quantity by the addition of cold water.

She returned with a can opener, two quarts of beer, and a half pint of VO.

Then he lowered it to the floor, keeping it from falling over with his leg while he bent over and picked up the two quarts in his huge hand.

Use the smaller amount with two quarts of peanut oil and the larger amount with three quarts.

Gone is the week I spent with twenty pounds of Idaho russets and five quarts of heavy cream, trying to recapture the gratine potatoes we ate last summer in Avignon.

We walked a few blocks to the Union Square Greenmarket, bought three quarts of bright red sour pie cherries, returned home, and stemmed and pitted them all and prepared a delicious filling.

On Friday night you will find them sharing quarts of sweet Key Largo in the darkness of some playground in the housing project.

One afternoon about three days ago they showed up at my door, with no warning, and loaded about forty pounds of supplies into the room: two cases of Mexican beer, four quarts of gin, a dozen grapefruits, and enough speed to alter the outcome of six Super Bowls.

We had listed the five quarts of tequila on our declaration forms -- and that was all that seemed to interest him.

The only trouble en route came when the procession was halted after a filling-station owner complained that somebody had stolen fourteen quarts of oil at the last gas stop.

Virginia reel and the boisterous gathering of men in the harness room, downing the last quarts of fertiliser.

He came out looking for the easy mark and by the time he figured out how wrong he was, he was running a couple of quarts low on blood.

While in the emergency ward he had massive diarrhea consisting of several quarts of watery fluid.

Over the next three hours he received three quarts of plasma and two quarts of salt water intravenously, to replace fluids lost from sweating and diarrhea.

Also, I threw in a couple of quarts of Phenobarbital syrup too, so everyone will sleep it off nice and peaceful.