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quantum computer

n. (context computer English) A computer that exploits quantum mechanical phenomena to transcend classical time complexity limitations.

Usage examples of "quantum computer".

If Roger Penrose is right (See Chapter 13), this may not be possible until we have a quantum computer able to match the quantum functions of the human brain.

Godin proposed a machine as revolutionary as a quantum computer, but with one attribute the government could not resist: it could be built using refinements of existing technology.

Notwithstanding, the power plant within labored close to its limit, while the governor of the shielding fields calculated and issued orders at a rate possible to nothing but a quantum computer.

Hers was the algorithm that would run on their quantum computer, so that it would be able to decrypt any data within mere minutes.

If the portal were closed, it would only be a small step to dismantling the quantum computer, and making sure there is no possibility of any further contact at all.