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n. (plural of quadrant English)

Usage examples of "quadrants".

Upper-Right and Lower-Right quadrants as the Right-Hand path: the path of that which can be seen with the eye of flesh or its extensions.

The point now is that, regardless of what we think of lower holons, when it comes at least to human beings, none of the four quadrants can be privileged.

But precisely because these quadrants are all so intimately correlated, I can indeed attempt an aggressive reductionism, and it can actually seem to make a lot of sense.

Right-Hand quadrants are exteriors that can be described in it-language, I will sometimes count them as one major domain, the other two being the I-lan-guage of the Upper Left and the we-language of the Lower Left.

And, indeed, this volume is vision-logic used in its objectifying mode, presenting a propositional map of the various quadrants and domains.

But it will serve to indicate the four quadrants and a handful of their milestones up to the present.

The thesis that I will present in volume 2 and especially volume 3 is that as Spirit manifests, it manifests in and as the four quadrants, or simply the Big ThreeI, it, we.

But by recognizing that all manifestation is in the form of the four quadrants, this tendency to a certain solipsism is carefully guarded against.

But in my opinion, if we are not much more careful in how we interpret this expanded knowledge questif we do not draw on all four quadrants equally, and if instead we simply orient ourselves around basically the lowest holons in the Upper-Right quadrantwe are constantly in danger of tilting our interpretations in prerational, not transrational, directions.

Basic Moral Intuition is an infusion of Care for all four quadrants, but does not come with instructions engraved in stone tablets.

The BMI delivers to us an intuition to implement the greatest depth across the greatest span, a spiritual Concern for all four quadrants, and the painful dilemmas of how to implement this intuition are the dilemmas of finite beings in finite circumstances attempting to honor an infinite Care.

Can we not round out the original insights and see that Spirit always manifests in all four quadrants equally?

Even the ship that put our ancestors on this planet made its way through the hundred quadrants bringing the circus to countless planets.

United Quadrants will be here soon, and then there will be a long period of investigation and negotiation.

United Quadrants a loophole through which the UQ can refuse intervention.