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QRE can be an abbreviation for:

  • Quantal response equilibrium (game-theoretic term)
  • Quantified Regular Expression
  • Quick Reaction Element (military term)
  • Query and Reporting Environment
  • Quick Response Engine
  • Queens Road Elite
  • Quasi-Reference Electrode
  • Qualified Revolving Exposure (banking term)

Usage examples of "qre".

The things she wanted most qre her resource books, her music and her loom, and these ahe carried to the car in separate trips.

She closed her eyes, qring the pressure of his cheek against hers, wanting !

Newman had already displaced ISETs Alpha and Bravo forward to Siirt as the QRE He placed Bart Coombs in command of the QRF, with Captain Bruno Macklin, the SAS officer, as Executive Officer.