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QPM may refer to:

  • QAC based Project Manager, a project manager for Windows software applications developed with (x)Harbour and HMG, HMG Extended and OOHG GUI libraries derived from MINIGUI.
  • Queen's Police Medal, a medal awarded to police officers in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth for gallantry or distinguished service
  • Quasi-phase-matching, a technique in nonlinear optics which allows a positive net flow of energy from the pump frequency to the signal and idler frequencies by creating a periodic structure in the nonlinear medium
  • Quantitative phase contrast microscopy, a collective name for a group of microscopy methods which quantifies the phase shift that occurs when light waves passes through a more optically dense object.
  • Quality Protein Maize, contains nearly twice as much usable protein as other maize (or corn) grown in the tropics and yields 10% more grain than traditional varieties of maize
  • Questions of Procedure for Ministers, the confidential predecessor of the Ministerial_Code_(United_Kingdom)