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Qmusic (Netherlands)

Qmusic (previously written as Q-music) is a Dutch commercial radio station which has been broadcasting since August 31, 2005. The station is owned by the Belgian media company De Persgroep.

Qmusic (Belgium)

Qmusic (formerly Q-music) is a Flemish commercial radio station of media company Medialaan. In 2016, Qmusic is the biggest commercial radio station and the third largest radio station in Flanders. According to the latest listening figures from the Centrum voor Informatie over de Media (English: Centre for Information on the Media), the station achieves on a daily basis an average market share of 12.95%.

The station plays particularly popular music. Since February 20, 2012, all activities are filmed in the radio studio and broadcast live via the website, a private TV channel on Telenet Digital TV and a mobile application for the smartphone.


Qmusic may refer to:

  • Qmusic (Netherlands), commercial radio station in the Netherlands since 31 August 2005.
  • Qmusic (Belgium), commercial radio station of the Medialaan group in Flanders since November 12, 2001.
  • Qmusic Limburg, regional commercial radio station in the Dutch province of Limburg since June 1, 2014.