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Qiupu is a small subdistrict of Chizhou city in southcentral Anhui province, China. Qiupu was described as a beautiful small city by cinematographer Sun Yu, in the early 1980s. It has existed at least since the Tang dynasty, when it was part of Chizhou Prefecture. The proximity of the Yangzi river has provided convenient transportation by water. In modern times, the subdistrict is one of the smaller political divisions of the People's Republic of China: a form of township-level division, which are typically parts of larger urban areas, opposed to discrete towns surrounded by rural areas, or to rural townships. Caution is indicated when comparing current and past Chinese populated areas: even with the same name, sometimes locations or political status have gone through significant changes. That said, Qiupu has a place in cultural history which may be greater than its current administrative status. As of 2014, Qiupu is part of the Guichi District (population 630,000), which is in turn administered by Chizhou, Anhui province of China.