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n. (context music English) seven-stringed classical Chinese zither that does not have a bridge, sometimes referred to as guqin where ''gu'' stands for ancient.


Qin may refer to:

Qin (state)

Qin (; Old Chinese: *) was an ancient Chinese state during the Zhou dynasty. It took its origin in a reconquest of western lands previously lost to the Rong; its position at the western edge of Chinese civilization permitted expansion and development that was unavailable to its rivals in the North China Plain. Following extensive "Legalist" reform in the 3rd century BC, Qin emerged as one of the dominant powers of the Seven Warring States and unified China in 221 BC under Shi Huangdi. The empire it established was short-lived but greatly influential on later Chinese history.

Though disliked by many Confucians of its time for "dangerously lacking in Confucian scholars," Confucian Xun Kuang wrote of the later Qin that "its topographical features are inherently advantageous," and that its "'manifold natural resources gave it remarkable inherent strength. Its people were unspoiled and exceedingly deferential; its officers unfailingly respectful, earnest, reverential, loyal, and trustworthy; and its high officials public-spirited, intelligent, and assiduous in the execution of the duties of their position. Its courts and bureaus functioned without delays and with such smoothness that it was as if there were no government at all."

Qin (surname)

Qín (秦) is a common Chinese surname. "Qin" is the hanyu pinyin romanization of the surname for Mandarin, the common dialect of China; other romanizations of the surname include Chin and Jin in Mandarin, Ceon and Cheun in Cantonese, and Tan in Vietnamese. People with this surname are most commonly found in Henan, Shaanxi, Shandong, Sichuan, Hubei and Hebei.

Qin (board game)

Qin is a 2012 board game by Reiner Knizia. It is themed after the Qin dynasty in ancient China.

Usage examples of "qin".

Noel stirred the spoon qin the bowl of brown-sugar crystals on the table.

Sleaze like Qin Shang are conducting modern versions of the slave trade.

After a few moments Qin Shang's mind began to drift, and he gazed without really seeing the empty docks, the big, deserted cargo-loading cranes and the vacant buildings.

After crossing the Intracoastal Waterway and dropping below Qin Shang Mari-time's port of Sungari, the Larson entered the glassy-smooth waters of Sweet Bay Lake six miles from the Gulf of Mexico.

After crossing the Intracoastal Waterway and dropping below Qin Shang Maritime's port of Sungari, the Larson entered the glassy-smooth waters of Sweet Bay Lake six miles from the Gulf of Mexico.

Do you want to put the uniform of a Qin Shang security chief back on and parade around the shipyard like a big man on campus?

Irrespective of status or nationality, Qin Shang acted as if every meal was a ceremonial occasion and he was the emperor.

Two years ago she signed on as a cook with Qin Shang Maritime and has since crewed on a container ship called the Sung Lien Star.

After we arrived in the United States, we were brought here by the enforcers from Qin Shang Maritime, where we were turned over to an American-Chinese crime syndicate.

It is one of the famous stone inscriptions from the Qin dynasty, carved on Langya Terrace,' continued Doctor Lu, pointing to another scroll.

This tired old rust bucket became the foundation for Qin Shang's shipping empire.

Feeling as if he had survived a roller-coaster ride, Pitt returned inside, retrieved the topographical map and began studying the twists and turns in the river as well as familiarizing himself with the network of swampy bayous and lakes between Wheeler's Landing and the canal dug by Qin Shang Maritime.