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QFX is an image editing computer program, developed by Ron Scott a Texan photographer and software engineer. The first version was released in 1990. At the time of its release, QFX was one of the most feature-rich image editing applications available on the PC platform ( DOS, later Windows). It was the software of choice for digital artists and image postproduction studios in the times when 1024x768 truecolor graphics were a luxury, far before Photoshop could have been considered a serious professional tool. Its clean interface and clever workflow helped build a devoted fan/user base, some of whom continue using it, despite QFXs being long ago eclipsed in features and users by Photoshop.

QFX (disambiguation)

QFX may refer to:

  • QFX (program), a computer image editing program
  • QFX (band), a Scottish techno band
  • QFX (file format), "Quicken Financial Exchange" file format used by Intuit software
QFX (band)

QFX are a dance music group, partly from Hawick, Scotland, who formed in 1992. Their music style was generally a mix of bouncy techno and happy hardcore.

QFX (file format)

QFX is Intuit's proprietary version of the standard OFX financial interchange file format. QFX is used in Intuit's "Web Connect" and "Direct Connect" features to transmit and receive financial information over the internet.

A QFX file is a standard OFX file with additional fields to support a licensing fee paid by institutions to Intuit. In contrast, the standard OFX format is a free and open standard. Intuit's Quicken software will only import QFX files where the providing institution has paid the fee and in some cases passed quality tests, otherwise giving the error message "Quicken is currently unable to verify the financial institution information for this download". The same error message is given for Quicken users attempting to import previously downloaded QFX files with non-supported versions of Quicken (i.e. Quicken 2011 and earlier).