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abbr. 1 (context finance English) quantitative easing. 2 (label en Canada informal) (alternative form of QEW English)

Usage examples of "qe".

If I start to go wrong, Qing Yang kind of pulls my hand to show me the correct way.

It was Madam Qing, of the infamous Gang of Four, and she was issuing clothes and equipment.

Pol Pot then said I should be killed without further ado, but Madam Qing said I should be spared because I am really only a mediocre intellect.

She knew that as surely as she knew the difference between fourteenth-century Islamic glass and Chinese glass from the early years of the Qing dynasty.

They were making for Tiananmen Square, that vast rectangle of stone dating back to 1651 in the early Qing Dynasty, built to hold a million people in its one-hundred-acre expanse.

Qing Tartars, a Great Leader will arise on Snake Island, and Long Life and Blessings will be his!

In the Mediterranean, the Islamic Sea, Muslims developed ships that were smaller but much faster and nimbler than their Chinese contemporaries, and in several decisive naval encounters of the tenth and eleventh centuries, Muslim fleets defeated larger Chinese fleets, preserving the balance of power and preventing Qing China from achieving world hegemony.

There was a six-post, curtained canopy bed from the late Ming Dynasty, two Ming couch beds, Qing wardrobes and lady’.

To Loo-Macklin, QED represented the industrywide base he'd been trying to acquire for some time.

In the years of his pupil's marriage to Mao Tse-Tung, when Wei Ho had ruled China through Jiang Qing, his power over the nation had been subtle yet absolute.

At nine Qing Yang says he'll be right back, and then he'll walk me to the subway station.

It also represents a very important step forward in the great struggle to which our Society is dedicated: the overthrow of the Qing and the restoration of the Ming.