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init. (context British English) Queen's Bench Division

QBD (electronics)

QBD is the term applied to the charge-to-breakdown measurement of a semiconductor device. It is a standard destructive test method used to determine the quality of gate oxides in MOS devices. It is equal to the total accumulated charge passing through the dielectric layer just before failure. Thus QBD is a measure of time-dependent gate oxide breakdown. As a measure of oxide quality, QBD can also be a useful predictor of product reliability under specified electrical stress conditions.


QBD may stand for:

  • QBD (electronics)
  • Quantum brain dynamics
  • Queen's Bench Division
  • Quasi-birth-death process
  • Quality by Design (QbD)
  • QBD the Bookshop
  • Quick Business Deposit, a trademark of Bank of America
  • Significant Intimate Relationship Partner. A party in any non-marital long term partnership of any gender or sexual preference, QBD connotes more than dating, less than marriage.
  • Queen Black Dragon, a boss monster in the MMORPG RuneScape