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n. (context aviation English) quick access recorder

Qar (doctor)

Qar was a doctor during the Sixth dynasty of Egypt, which lasted from about 2350 to 2180 BC. He was the royal physician.


Qar may refer to:

  • Qar (pharaoh), a pharaoh of the Sixteenth dynasty of Egypt
  • Qar (doctor), an ancient Egyptian doctor
  • Qar (vizier), an ancient Egyptian vizier
  • Qar, Iran, a village in Kurdistan Province, Iran
  • Qatari riyal, currency in Qatar
  • Quick access recorder, a type of flight data recorder
  • Queen Anne's Revenge, (QAR) Blackbeard's flagship, acronym used by Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge Shipwreck Project team members to denote shipwreck
Qar (vizier)

Qar was an Ancient Egyptian vizier who lived in the 6th Dynasty, around 2250 BC. The vizier was the most important official at the Ancient Egyptian court, only second to the king himself.

Qar is mainly known from his tomb complex discovered in 1995 at Abusir, by a Czech expedition. Before becoming vizier Qar hold a minor position with the title zab. Later he was promoted to the position of the vizier and his tomb was enlarged. A new false door was made with the vizier's titles on it. Little is known about the life of Qar, but he had several sons: Qar, Senedjemib, Inti and Tjenti. These sons had their own tombs north of that of their father. However, already in ancient times these tombs were deliberately destroyed. The decoration of the chapels was broken into small pieces. It seems that some of the sons were victims of power struggles at the royal court, while the vizier's tomb was not touched.

Usage examples of "qar".

The QAR was the Quick Access Recorder, another flight data recorder installed to help the maintenance crews.