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Qamun (, Kaimôn, meaning " cumin"; also transliterated Kamun, Kaimun, Keimûn) was a Palestinian village, located southeast of Haifa, adjacent to the neighbouring village of Qira.

Thought to be the site of the Canaanite royal city of Jokneam, during Roman rule in Palestine millennia later, it was a city whose name is transcribed by Eusebius of Caesarea as Cammona, and by Jerome, as Cimana. During the Crusades, Caymon was a valuable fiefdom, granted to Balian of Ibelin by Saladin. Incorporated into the empires to rule Palestine that followed, it often was referred to by locals in conjunction with its neighbouring village, as Qira wa Qamun. The occupation of Qira and Qamun by pre-state Israeli forces on 1 March 1948 resulted in the depopulation of both villages.