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Qallumayu ( Quechua qallu tongue, mayu river, "tongue river", hispanicized spelling Callumayo) is a river in the Andes of Peru located in the Arequipa Region, Caylloma Province, Lari District. It is a right tributary of the Colca River.

Qallumayu originates in the Ch'ila mountain range south of the mountain Kiwicha, between the small lakes Tikllaqucha (Quechua for "two-colored lake", hispanicized Ticllacocha) and Hatunqucha (Quechua for "big lake", hispanicized Jatuncocha) near the little village Kiwicha (Quihnisha). Its direction is mainly to the south as it flows along the villages Punawi (Punahue) and Yanitani. The confluence with the Colca River is south of the villages Madrigal and Lari.