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n. (plural of q English)

Usage examples of "q's".

All around them the party was resuming a subdued, if steady, buzz, as various Tizarin and guests tried to figure out what had just happened, and the handful of crewmen present who knew of Q's history tried to be noncommittal.

He folded his arms, making an effort to appear nonchalant and trying not to think about the deadly vacuum that surrounded him and could crush him at Q's slightest whim.

It was verified when shortly before they reached the shuttle bay, Q's voice sounded within the shuttlecraft.

Troi, arm encircling Q's, patted his forearm and said, "Does he know how to make an entrance, or what?

She reversed it and slammed the spiked end down right where Q's chest had been, except he had already melted through the floor.

She swung the axe back, and it was clear that the first stroke was going to be in Q's nether regions.

Whenever Q appeared, Picard made a point of remembering that Q's idea of fun-and-games had already cost the lives of at least eighteen crew members.

No doubt she was familiar with Q's history from the ship's security logs.

Picard's badge vanished from his chest, reappearing briefly between Q's thumb and index finger before he popped the stolen badge into his mouth and swallowed.

Deanna gave Q a withering look, worthy of her formidable and imperious mother, but otherwise declined to rise to Q's bait.

Nor could Picard overlook Q's blatant disregard for the immeasurable value of each human life.

Besides, he had been eager to pump Data for details on Q's surprise visit to the bridge.

In a way, Q's intervention only confirmed the ailing scientist's conviction that he was on the verge of a breakthrough of apocalyptic proportions.

He didn't know for sure that either Beverly or Deanna was sleeping, but he knew that neither woman would appreciate being yanked from whatever she was doing merely to serve as the butt of one of Q's puerile jokes.

Picard looked around in amazement and discovered that he, Data and Geordi, the security team, and all three Q's had been instantaneously transported to the bridge of the Enterprise.