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Pyu, also spelled Phyu or Phyuu, is a town in Taungoo District, Bago Region in Myanmar. It is the administrative seat of Phyu Township.

Pyu (disambiguation)

Pyu may refer to:

  • Pyu, town in Taungoo District, Bago Region in Burma (Myanmar), named after the ancient Pyu kingdom of Burma
  • Pyu city-states, collection of city-states of the central and northern regions of modern-day Burma (Myanmar)
  • Pyu people, Southeast Asian people, founders of the Pyu city-states and speakers of the Pyu language
  • Pyu language (Burma), ancient Tibeto-Burman language of Southeast Asia spoken in the area of present day Burma and Thailand
  • Pyu language (Papua New Guinea), language isolate spoken in Papua New Guinea
  • Pyu Township, township in Taungoo District in the Bago Region of Burma (Myanmar)