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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pyrus \Py"rus\, n. [L. pyrus, or better pirus, pear tree.] (Bot.) A genus of rosaceous trees and shrubs having pomes for fruit. It includes the apple, crab apple, pear, chokeberry, sorb, and mountain ash.

Pyrus (disambiguation)

Pyrus may refer to:

  • The genus of the pear tree (under some taxonomy, sometimes including species of genera Malus and Sorbus)
  • Main//Pyrus DMS, a Document Management System
  • The PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository) installer, requiring at least PHP 5.3, to replace the previous PEAR installer
  • Pyrus, a cloud-based workflow automation system
Pyrus (software)

Pyrus is a cloud-based workflow automation and document management system developed by Simply Good Software, Inc. Pyrus comes as SaaS and offers a web-based interface to launch workflows, assign tasks, and manage documents. Mobile versions are available for all platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Android Wear. Users are able to set up and route workflows without additional programming and IT assistance.

Usage examples of "pyrus".

Keeping his gaze on his hands, Djaper rolled the pa pyrus into a smaller tube.

The botanical name of an apple tree is Pyrus Malus, of which schoolboys are wont to make ingenious uses by playing on the latter word.

And hanging over the oak fences lilac and laburnum, and red thorn, and syringa, and purple buddleia, and pyrus floribunda.