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n. (plural of pyro English)

Pyros (bomb)

The Pyros, previously referred to as the Small Tactical Munition (STM), is a weapon developed by Raytheon, designed to be used by UAVs.

Raytheon successfully conducted flight tests in October 2010, and it may be used to arm the AAI RQ-7 Shadow.

It weighs , and originally had a warhead. On April 18, 2011, Raytheon successfully tested a new warhead for the weapon. Though lighter, the new warhead has a significantly improved blast-fragment capability. Designed for low collateral damage, its lethal radius is only , with non-lethal effects extending further but lethality dropping dramatically.

In July 2012, Raytheon claimed the STM could be "months" away from fielding. In early August 2012, Raytheon renamed the munition Pyros and completed the first end-to-end test of the bomb. The test validated the weapon's guidance modes, height-of-burst sensor, electronic safe and arm device, and multi-effects warhead.

On 18 July 2014, Raytheon conducted the first live-fire test of the Pyros. The munition targeted a simulated group of insurgents planting a roadside bomb and used its height-of-burst sensor to detonate several feet above the ground. Dropped from an altitude of , the Pyros takes 35–40 seconds to reach the ground.


Pyros may refer to:

  • Pyros (bomb), a bomb designed for unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Pyros (TV series), a Canadian reality TV series
  • Pyros, alternate North American title of Wardner (video game)
  • Richard Pyros, British actor
Pyros (TV series)

Pyros is a reality television series that follows Montreal based pyrotechnic company, Groupe Fiatlux-Ampleman (GFA), as they travel to Canada (Canada Day Only), Mexico, UK, Congo, France, Germany, & United States (July 4, 2014 Only) locations and attempt to execute large fireworks displays. Pyros premiered on the Discovery Channel (Canada) on April 24, 2012. It was renewed for a second season which aired May 26, 2013. The show has aired in over 120 countries worldwide including The Weather Channel in the US and on Discovery Channel in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Usage examples of "pyros".

Just sit in the tub and forget arson, pyros, Latino thugs, Irish gangsters, and lovers with enigmatic attitudes.

Soldiers spontaneously combusted, burning with a fire no water could extinguish, as pyros went to work.

Polters and pyros destroyed Imperial buildings and refuges, torched barracks and tore down barricades, unstoppable avatars of destruction.