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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pyrograph \Py"ro*graph\, n. A production of pyrography.


n. A hand-held tool, with a heated tip, used in pyrography vb. (context transitive intransitive English) To make an image on wood by selectively burning the surface.


n. a design produced by pyrography

Usage examples of "pyrograph".

They had one of the pyrographed deerskin field-maps spread on the table in front of them.

He was sitting, with his helmet off, on an upended wine keg at a table made by laying a shed-door across some boxes, with Harmakros’s pyrographed deerskin map spread in front of him, and a mug where he could reach it.

For clothes he wore a thigh-length leather kilt pyrographed with cryptic designs, cinched by a broad belt of sheepskin worn with the fleece side in.

One of them bridled, a backwoodsman from the northeast by the look of his pyrographed leather kilt and forked beard.