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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1887, from pyro- + clastic.


a. (context vulcanology English) Mostly composed of rock fragments of volcanic origin or comminuted during an eruption. n. A rock mostly composed of rock fragments of volcanic origin


Usage examples of "pyroclastic".

There are no Alpine peaks or grinding glaciers, no great deposits of oil or precious metals, not a hint of a pyroclastic flow.

Billowing dust and ash raced over the grounds and rolled down the mountainside like a hyperactive pyroclastic cloud.

Even as they made their first orbit, they could see that the active volcanoes in its mountain ranges spewed forth black dust and pyroclastic materials, as if celebrating the arrival of the observers.

In burning slabs like pyroclastic flow the top of the tower slewed off, militia pods falling out and tumbling.

When this condition prevails, column collapse takes place, generating pyroclastic flows and surges, which are far more lethal than tephra fall.

There were pyroclastic flows, kind of a fiery cloud made of gas and ash and bits of lava, racing along faster than a hundred-fifty kloms an hour.

He could barely nod, afraid that if he moved his neck more than two centimeters his balls would explode with a pyroclastic flow that might obliterate several villages down the hill.

Instead of being popped into a lightless steerage cabin far below the deck of a sinking ocean liner or into the path of a superheated pyroclastic cloud rushing down the slope of an erupting volcano at almost the speed of sound, he had been eased into a slowly evolving Event.

The heavier particles stay close to the ground and roll downhill in what we call a pyroclastic flow.

Although most of the plume extended to the east, she noticed that smaller pyroclastic flows extended in all directions, including southwest toward Shady Grove.

Bacmudsorak, swearing us all to secrecy, noted that early in its igneous development, it had harbored a millennia-long case of pyroclastic envy against a pit mine of collateral laminates.

The ash and dust from the collapsed buildings had blasted down through the tunnels like a pyroclastic flow covering everything.

It focused on the shimmer that was Acrocotinth in the distance and for a moment nothing happened, the peculiar ringing hush before disaster: seeing the first motion in an avalanche, understanding that the volcano is belching a pyroclastic flow of superheated gas and rock that can outrun a car.

It was wise to stay out of range until it became clear whether or not pyroclastic blasts would be the order of the day.

The ice-covered mountaintop of her life shattered, sending boulders flying and a pyroclastic flow of exultation down the slopes.