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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pyra may refer to:

  • DragonBox Pyra, an upcoming Linux-based handheld computer equipped with gaming controls.
  • Pyra Labs, a Google company which founded the service
  • Pyra, Russia, an urban-type settlement in Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia
  • Pyra, Belarus
  • Jakob Immanuel Pyra
Pyra (comics)

Pyra, aka Pretty Pyra, is a feminine alien lifeform from the future of Earth who can project fire in the DC Comics series Kamandi The Last Boy on Earth by Jack Kirby.

Usage examples of "pyra".

Pyra Quadde kept to her cabin, occasionally pacing the quarterdeck, stick beating out a discontented tattoo on the scrubbed and holystoned planks.

Pyra Quadde had her cabin in the stern, beneath the afterhouse that held the ship's wheel.

He guessed that a whaling ship, especially with Pyra Quadde as skipper, was probably about as hard as a war wag.