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Pyle is a village and community in Bridgend county borough, Wales. This large village is served by the A48 road, and lies less than one mile from Junction 37 of the M4 motorway, and is therefore only a half-hour journey from the capital city of Wales, Cardiff; in fact it lies approximately equidistant between the capital ( Cardiff) and the second city ( Swansea). The nearest town is the seaside resort of Porthcawl. Within the Community, to the northeast of Pyle, is the adjoining settlement of Kenfig Hill.

Pyle (surname)

Pyle is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Andrew Pyle (philosopher) (born 1955), British philosopher
  • Andrew Pyle (economist) (born 1963), Canadian economist
  • Artimus Pyle (born 1948), drummer for the rock & roll group Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Barry Pyle (born 1965), American political scientist
  • Christopher Pyle (born 1939), American professor of politics
  • Corey J Pyle (born 1976), SSG (ret) U.S. Army paratrooper, combat veteran. Operation Northern Delay
  • David Pyle (1936–2002), English footballer
  • Denver Pyle (1920–1997), American actor
  • Don Pyle, Canadian record producer
  • Elijah Pyle (1918–2009), English professional footballer
  • Ellen Bernard Thompson Pyle (1876–1936), American illustrator
  • Ernie Pyle (1900–1945), Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist
  • Gladys Pyle (1890–1989), South Dakota politician
  • Howard Pyle (1853–1911), American illustrator and writer
  • John A. Pyle, British atmospheric scientist
  • John Howard Pyle (1906–1987), 12th governor of Arizona
  • Katharine Pyle, (1863–1938), American author, poet, and illustrator
  • Kenneth B. Pyle, Historian and professor history
  • Mike Pyle (born 1939), American football player with the Chicago Bears (1961–1969)
  • Mike Pyle (fighter) (born 1975), American mixed martial arts fighter
  • Missi Pyle (born 1972), American actress
  • Nancy Pyle, American politician
  • Pip Pyle (1950–2006), English drummer
  • Richard Pyle, diving marine biologist
  • Robert Michael Pyle (born 1947), American naturalist

Usage examples of "pyle".

And thus with allowed and delightfull discoursing speeches, we came to a fayre Riuer, vpon the banck whereof, besides other fayre greene and florishing Trees, and water hearbes, I beheld a fine Groue of Plane Trees, in the which was an excellent fayre bridge ouer the Riuer made of stone, with three Arches, with pyles bearing foorth against the two fronts, to preserue the worke of the bridge, the sides thereof beeing of excellent workmanship.

There I behelde a marueilous buildyng of a bathe eight square, and at euerye Exterior corner, there were doubled together twoo Pyles, in fashion of a Pyke, from the leuell of the foundation, the subiect Areobates Circumcinct and ribbed about.

Sue Hankey in particular, but also most of the junior class of Ernie Pyle High, along with some of the seniors, and, um, oh, yeah, the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

All I could think about was how at last year's talent show, Amber and her longtime boyfriend—Mark Leskowski, the Ernie Pyle High Cougars quarterback—had done this very lame rendition of Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better, and how serious Amber had been about it, and how certain she'd been that she and Mark were going to win.

  Pyle did  it this  way: "A  new  sound gradually droned into  our ears-a gigantic  faraway surge of  doomlike sound.

He thought he had found a tactful way to get rid of George when he read in Stars & Stripes that a John Huston film, The Asphalt Jungle, starring Sterling Hayden and Louis Calhern, was playing at the Ernie Pyle Theater.

Stripes that a John Huston film, The Asphalt Jungle, starring Sterling Hayden and Louis Calhern, was playing at the Ernie Pyle Theater.

Only to the great Pyler of events is known the destiny in store for you.

If Security didn't like the results, let them blame Thermo pyle, not Milos.

Hashi Lebwohl tells us it was Deputy Chief Milos Tav erner—the same man who somehow managed to help Thermo pyle escape from UMCPHQ right under Dios' nose.

For the time being, at least, Thermo pyle is out of control to some extent.

Therefore she'd jumped to the conclusion that either Succorso or Thermo pyle had his own ideas.