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PWE can refer to:

  • Pete Waterman Entertainment, a British record label
  • Plane wave expansion method, an analytical procedure used in physics
  • Political Warfare Executive, World War II British propaganda organization
  • Protestant work ethic (sometimes referred to as Puritan work ethic), a social concept first referred to in the works of sociologist Max Weber
  • Pevek Airport in Russia (IATA code)
  • Penn West Energy Trust (New York Stock Exchange ticker symbol)
  • Perfect World Entertainment, a video game publisher
  • Pseudo-wire emulation, emulation of a point-to-point connection over a packet-switched network
  • Yoshimi P-We, musician

Usage examples of "pwe".

Og di limbw, og di bwtat na Salaam Ander kchri pche ogandi pwe ogwandi te ur maswali sukh?

My ballet was rusty, my flamenco lacked rhythm, my yein pwe had no grace, my derv just made me dizzy, and my freestyle.