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PVT may refer to:

PVT (band)

PVT is an experimental rock band based in London and Sydney and are currently signed to Brooklyn imprint Felte and have released records on Warp Records in the past. Band members are Richard Pike, Laurence Pike and Dave Miller. Brothers Richard and Laurence grew up in Sydney, later meeting Dave Miller who originally comes from Perth, Australia. The band have released four albums, three EPs and a number of singles. They have toured internationally.

Usage examples of "pvt".

The appointment of Pvt Bloom to Pfc did not come as a surprise to G Company.

Bloom, who was a Pfc, who was a fighter, who was obviously soon to be a corporal, who had bravely stuck up for Pvt Prewitt when the boys had called him yellow, and whom he would not work with, ever.

And this was soldiering, the column of marching men that was George Company moving on out Kolekole Pass Road toward drill between the rows of tall old elms that lined the road on either side exuding an abiding permanence, but Pvt Robert E.

Rock as a pvt he had worked nights as a deckhand on one of the Ala Moana boats that made moonlight cruises to Molokai for the tourists and he had had all the married women he could take care of then, but of course though, he was not in love with them.

On April the first, the day after the disastrous payday, Pvt Icl Bloom the potential middleweight, Pvt Icl Malleaux the new man and potential featherweight, and several other Pfcs who were potential went on Detached Service with the new class at the Regimental NCO School.

They came downstairs to catch one fleeting glimpse of the departing recon with the city police mustard, the Shatter suntan and black brassard, and the dark conservative business suits that were more of a uniform than either of the others, and were fallen in and counted off and given another check roll call, and then were herded into the open trucks to find Pvt Icl Bloom and one other Pvt Icl from the NCO School sitting disconsolately waiting for them.

Pfc Hanson, whose worship of The Malloy was perhaps exceeded only by that of the late Pvt Blues Berry, was tickled to death.

It Culpepper did not think much of It Ross as a soldier, but Pvt Robert E.

Judson, that he had been in the Army 10 years and came from Breathitt County Kentucky, that he had been Chief Guard at the Schofield Barracks Post Stockade and because of this it was believed that he had been murdered by some vengeance-crazed ex-prisoner for some fancied wrong, possibly by a recently escaped convict whose apprehension was expected by the Army at any moment named Pvt John J.

And, after figuring quite a while, he came up with the startling discovery that the recently escaped convict named Pvt John J.