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The acronym PVS may refer to:

  • Project Vote Smart, a US research organization
  • Persistent vegetative state
  • Plummer–Vinson syndrome, a rare disease
  • Polynesian Voyaging Society, a research and educational corporation in Haiwaii
  • Potato virus S, a plant pathogenic virus
  • Potentially visible set, a form of occlusion culling
  • The IATA code for Provideniya Bay Airport
  • Principal variation search, a negamax algorithm
  • Prototype Verification System, a specification language
  • PVS News, a satirical news channel on the BBC's programme Broken News
  • Prisoner Visitation and Support, US non-profit organization
  • AN/PVS-14, monocular night vision device
  • Polyvinyl siloxane, an addition reaction silicone elastomer
  • PVS (projeto), a children project in Brazil
  • Public Viacom Service, PBS 1971 Logo with V of Doom in Place of B
PVS (projeto)

PVS (or even, P.V.S or project São Lourenço da Mata). Is a project founded by DJ Mago on September 22, 2010, today the project contains at most another 15 courses with 200 students.

The headquarters of the PVS was founded on September 22 of 2010, in the district of São Lourenço da Mata by DJ Mago, which achieved great help. City Hall in 2010. All years. August, the party headquarters mayor made a homegem that is the story. Landmark of the city of São Lourenço da Mata. The owner headquarters spent over a million dollars to combat violence and take the children from the streets and the drug world for them are very importante this work. The seat has government help implement adequacy Not for the office in one sentence read his. Besides being a dj project wizard has one of the best west music studio, called Studio sinister metropolitan area west of the reef region. DJ Mago Responsible for Numerous compositions to his important work as a music producer even went on to receive awards and notoriety for a job Recognized by many.