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n. A type of sharp, pointed knife of Nordic heritage, with a short blade and flat back; normally worn in a sheath on the waist, and used for woodcrafts and as hunting knife.


A puukko is a small traditional Finnish belt knife with a single curving cutting edge and a flat back.

Usage examples of "puukko".

Instead he carefully wiped the blade of the puukko on the clothes of the dead bandit pinned to the wall by the spear, and then sheathed it before he went back into the cabin.

Havel fumbled at his belt for his puukko, snarling back at the approaching animal with an expression not much different from its own.

He snapped the puukko into his hand and struck as he stepped in towards the spearman, the vicious edge grating on bone as he slashed it down the haft of the spear, trying to ward off a third attacker with his shield.

Havel drew the puukko from its sheath in a backhand grip with his thumb on the pommel, the thick reverse of the blade lying along his forearm.

I rolled off him as the first puukko merchant dodged round his feet to get at me.