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The Collaborative International Dictionary

putz \putz\ (p[u^]ts), n. [Yiddish.]

  1. A fool; a jerk.

  2. The penis. [Vulgar]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"obnoxious man, fool," 1964, from Yiddish, from German putz, literally "finery, adornment," obviously used here in an ironic sense. Attested in writing earlier in slang sense of "penis" (1934, in "Tropic of Cancer"). A non-ironic sense is in putz "Nativity display around a Christmas tree" (1873), from Pennsylvania Dutch (German), which retains the old German sense.


Etymology 1 n. 1 (context slang English) fool, idiot 2 (context slang English) jerk 3 (context slang English) penis vb. (context slang English) waste time Etymology 2

alt. A decoration or ornament in the Nativity tradition, usually placed under a Christmas tree. n. A decoration or ornament in the Nativity tradition, usually placed under a Christmas tree.

  1. n. (Yiddish) a fool; an idiot

  2. obscene terms for penis [syn: cock, prick, dick, shaft, pecker, peter, tool]


Putz may refer to:

  • Christmas putz, decorative miniature village elaborated from a nativity scene
  • Putz, a Yiddish vulgarism for penis
  • Putz (surname)
Putz (surname)

The surname Putz or Pütz may refer to:

  • Amanda Putz (b. 1975), Canadian radio presenter
  • Erny Putz (1917–95), Luxembourg fencer
  • Hans Putz (1920–90), Austrian actor
  • J. J. Putz (b. 1977), baseball relief pitcher
  • Kelsey Kollen-Putz (b. 1981), American softball player
  • Leo Putz ( 1869–1940), Tyrolean painter
  • Jean Pütz (b. 1936), German science journalist
  • Eduard Pütz, German composer

Usage examples of "putz".

Blood man, who had been the avedon of a Blood Plume, commander of a fighter cluster in a war, when Keller was still putzing around secure Federation space as a second officer.

The elder McVeigh, 55, coached Little League and ran bingo night at the local catholic church, spending his free time golfing, or putzing in his garden.

Miller and putzed around the lab and then Dmitri started with his computer thing and then I had the best sex of my life and took a nap, and now I'm here to shower and change my clothes and get my own car.

I kind of putzed around a little but I couldn't find anybody I knew, so I drove on back to Tacoma.

It strained Kingsbury's imagination because they'd seemed like such jittery putzes that night at the house.

Johnson had that attitude like, Okay, all you putzes screwed up and made us bag the wrong guy, but thankfully I took care of matters myself, so all the rest of you inept idiots bow to my greatness.

They put out passive resistance and popped the little putzes into paddy wagons.

Everybody knows Sid the Yid’s got the bestlooking cunt and the boys with the putzes down to their knees.