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n. (plural of putt English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: putt)

Usage examples of "putts".

He would go on giving Goldfinger missable putts until suddenly Bond would ask him to hole one.

Tom Watson likes to read putts through his feet by walking the ground.

Most often golfers feel this way when putts lip out, or a ball bounces the wrong way.

Heap putts from seventy-five feet, and will probably need to make it to square the match.

John putts left-handed, though he hits the ball right-handed, a method I follow - if it can be called a method.

You drive over one of the tallest and deepest bunkers in the United Kingdom and then have a long second shot across an undulating hilly fairway to a plateau green guarded by a final slope which makes it easier to take three putts than two.

Getting dead from below that bank was one of the most difficult putts on the course.