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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Both generals were convicted for their role in the failed putsch.
▪ Instead, he frightened them into suppressing his putsch through the use of the Bavarian state police.
▪ Our own little putsch was carried through without loss of life, you remember.
▪ The country, not surprisingly, preferred to wait to be persuaded rather than get pulverized in a partisan putsch.
▪ The prospect of Hitler's trial in the aftermath of the failed putsch caused the Bavarian authorities acute embarrassment.
▪ Then came the August 1991 putsch.
▪ This was the time of the August 1991 putsch.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1920, from German Putsch "revolt, riot," from Swiss dialect, literally "a sudden blow, push, thrust, shock," of imitative origin.


n. A coup; an illegal effort to forcibly overthrow the current government.


n. a sudden and decisive change of government illegally or by force [syn: coup d'etat, coup, takeover]

Usage examples of "putsch".

Better to serve both ends, if it could be swung that way: to convince Jorn that the putsch had better be abandoned forthwith, but not so thoroughly as to alarm him into thinking he might lose part of his navy if he took his time about calling the putsch off.

There were reports that Schleicher, in collusion with General Kurt von Hammerstein, the Commander in Chief of the Army, was preparing a putsch with the support of the Potsdam garrison for the purpose of arresting the President and establishing a military dictatorship.

By that time all the important Nazi leaders, with Hitler at their head, had hurriedly left the premises, though it had been their custom in former years to linger over their beers and reminisce with old party comrades about the early putsch.

I listen to Gavin, our Central Africa correspondent, giving us the story so far: According to the Congolese government in Kinshasa, a Rwandan-backed putsch has been nipped in the bud, thanks to a brilliantly executed security operation based on first-class intelligence.