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n. (context baseball English) A play in which a batter is retired


n. an out resulting from a fielding play (not a strikeout); "the first baseman made 15 putouts"


In baseball statistics, a putout (denoted by PO or fly out when appropriate) is given to a defensive player who records an out by one of the following methods:

  • Tagging a runner with the ball when he is not touching a base (a tagout)
  • Catching a batted or thrown ball and tagging a base to put out a batter or runner (a Force out)
  • Catching a thrown ball and tagging a base to record an out on an appeal play
  • Catching a third strike (a strikeout)
  • Catching a batted ball on the fly (a flyout)
  • Being positioned closest to a runner called out for interference

Usage examples of "putout".

Perhaps he did not wish to be seen in a Jewish neighborhood or possibly he felt putout to be disturbed on a Sunday evening.

Giving Rowenaster a putout grunt, he locked them and disappeared into the rows and rows of bookcases that lined the room beyond.