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n. A rod in a piston engine that actuates rocker arms above the cylinder head.

Usage examples of "pushrod".

Each of these spherical computers was linked to its four neighbors, north-east-southwest, by a bundle of flexible pushrods running down a flexible, evacuated buckytube, so that the page as a whole constituted a parallel computer made up of about a billion separate processors.

This sudden yielding enabled the piston at the opposite end to fly up until it tripped a lever affixed to a vertical pushrod on the outside of its pipe.

They react, tightening their pushrod muscles against the pull of her hands.

Compared to all of this, the brains of the thing are tiny, and easy to miss: a man, on a platform a storey or two below where Daniel is standing, surrounded by pushrods, bell-cranks, and levers and supplying information to the machine when needed, which is not very frequently.

Much of the mechanical business in the legs was exposed so that you could see how the joints and pushrods worked, a little like staring at the wheels of an old steam locomotive.

Each of its million pushrods was tiny, but the force needed to move all of them at once was seismic, and she could sense the tremendous strains on the power shafts and gear boxes thundering through the sturdy floor of the keep.

The heat coming from back in the machine was like that from a forge, and Nell could see a dim red light from deep inside as some of the pushrods became hot enough to glow.