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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pushpin \Push"pin`\, n. A child's game played with pins.
--L. Estrange.


n. A thumbtack


n. a tack for attaching papers to a bulletin board or drawing board [syn: thumbtack, drawing pin]

Usage examples of "pushpin".

Strip the romantic veil off the naked animal's only purpose perpetuating the species the race the tribe the family for everybody else sex is for pleasure like the flute, pushpin or poetry "the most intense pleasure of which man is capable" says my golden Sigi, seek pleasure avoid not a clue what they're being used for even that they're being used till the roof falls in, doctors lawyers abortions adulteries thimble theatre learned nothing forgotten nothing go right back and do it all again.

She went to the large worktable while she still had daylight to study the topomap spread out there: little flags sticking in it, green thread on pushpins just as she had designed it.

Pushpin or poetry it's the quantity of pleasure in these enormous markets of the non-musical and the half-musical, these chance persons with no true sense of musical values because they don't hear, they simply have no ear for music they don't know pianissimo from sforzando, diminuendos from crescendos and those elegant gradations that distinguish the performance of one artist from another on these reproducing piano rolls went for ten, fifteen dollars for the Welte-Mignon they couldn't dream of paying for these unique subtleties they simply couldn't hear, as though their ears were closed against the racket of American industrial strife everywhere like my left ear was closed from grinding my teeth at night from stress, yes.

Pushpin or Pushkin, doesn't care a damn for the music but he's fascinated by the complicated mechanism that produces it that's what America was all about, what mechanization was all about, what democracy was all about and the deification of democracy a hundred years ago all this technology at the service of entertaining Sigi's stupefied pleasure seeking trash out there playing the piano with its feet where it all came from isn't it?