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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

family name, early 13c., from Le Puiset in France.

Usage examples of "pusey".

Ridgeway was trained for flat races by Ronald Streat of Pusey, but was unplaced in all his four races that summer.

Taplow of Pusey, Wilts, said he would like to buy him and put him in training for racing.

I met her one day as she was coming through the garden from the clinic, and stopped to pet Pusey, the Anglo-Cat.

Edward Bouverie Pusey, one of the fathers of the Anglo-Catholic Movement.

Well, anyhow, a few weeks ago Miss Fothergill stopped to pet Pusey and that led to conversation, and she seemed rather fagged so I asked her to step in for a cup of tea.

Pusey in a note remarks, was delivered orally to the catechumens to commit it to memory, and by them delivered back, i.

Pusey isn't everybody's hero nowadays, but when he talked tonight about the university's tradition of defending academic freedom, it was kind of moving.

So Pusey was buried among sea captains who had sailed to London and Barbados, among those unpretentious heroes who had resisted King George, and with the forgotten farmers and merchants who had made the Eastern Shore a place of dignity.

Out of upwards of four hundred notes, some forty are taken from the annotations in Pusey and Watts, but in every case these have been indicated by the initials E.

By acclamation, the watermen wanted Pusey Paxmore to serve as starter.