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n. (context US slang English) A variety of marijuana with purple hairs.


Purp may refer to:

  • Purple
  • Purple sandpiper
  • Purpose

Usage examples of "purp".

There will be holes for you to breathe and it will be transparent over your eyes, but if Purp tests with a kiss it better be right.

After Flach conjured you and Echo out, Purp got wise and set up a magic barricade against conjuration and transformation in the dome.

Wherefore, when the Grand Fleet of the Justiciate blasted off for Garsh, the Guard of the Person was left in charge of medium-grade personnel, every upper-bracket psiontist Purp, man or woman, was with the fleet.

A wise Purp knew there were limits to chaos, just as there were limits to order.

There was ale-greenish smell hanging over them in the steamy purp heat, a smell which Sebastian hardly noticed now for the last eight days had seen a great killing of elephant and the stink of green ivory was as familiar to him as the smell of the sea to a mariner.

It would have been useless for his purp Well, the mistake had been an honest one.

It went drink and he sat grinning stupidly through fat, scaly black le red, the abraen and sun-baked purp lips, his face swoll scab, and leis ions on his cheek covered with a crusty weeping his bloodshot eyes gummed up with dried mucus.

I looked up the spectrum into the ultraviolet where the colors - I named them brillig and mimsy and high purp - were seething with an indescribable fire.

Second, kill him myself or hire it done-with every chance in the world that the Purps would pin it onto me and feed me to the eagles.

He has to play footsie with the biggies or die quick, even surrounded by Purps by the dozen.

Even the Purps knew to keep this sector nice and tidy and clean and linear, if they wanted to stay alive.

Lotsa Purps had turned into big swinging engineers the last few years, improvising their way outta a zillion shortages and hardware drop-deads.

Sianna had yet to make sense of the Purps in general, and Eyeball in particular.

Now they had no choice: the Purps were the front-line troops, as it were.

NaPurHab had passed through a lot of hands before the Purps had taken possession.