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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Punkin \Pun"kin\, n. A pumpkin. [Colloq. U. S.]


n. (eye dialect of pumpkin English)

Usage examples of "punkin".

Daddy took one look at the kittens and pronounced them Punkin and Bat.

He and Punkin had, after all, experienced incarnations in three alternate realities while searching for her and waiting until she showed up.

If she had not come for him in kittenhood, he would have, when a bit older, dragged Punkin by an ear and set out to find her.

Ian wanted Punkin to come along, but Punkin yawned again and was asleep before he exhaled.

Introduced to Bat and to the sleeping Punkin and shown the damage and destruction caused by the boy and his friends the night before, the man transferred his irritation to his offspring.

Used to be a lot of kids walking around town with paper bags in their hands and those punkin masks from Davis Drug on their faces come Halloween night, Clivey!

He tried to pour the cat food into the bowl, but Punkin kept grabbing the box with his claws and sticking his head in it John Lee sat on the floor having a fit of giggles.

He closed his eyes and moved his face against her hand the way Punkin would do.

They headed north up Highway 71, and reached Punkin Center early the next morning.

The next time you tell stories about Yankee peddlers, put the wooden clock in with the wooden punkin seeds, and hickory hams, will you?

There were masks and cutout decorations of black cats and witches on brooms and things like that, and there were those cardboard punkins they used to sell.

I tell you, she got some kind of condition, like Parkerson's or muscular dysentery, and every time she get near me, I get banged up as bad as I was after them pirates beat on me and stolt my truck full of punkins.

The rats started squeaking at me and the zartyls from Centauri started screeching at me and the punkins from Polaris made an unholy racket, because the punkins are hungry all the time.

Instead, I found five of the fattest punkins you ever laid your eyes on.

Here I am being beat on one minute and all my punkins gone, then next thing the gov'ner hisself is on the phone saying I'm gonna be protected.