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STEAM GENERATOR A large heat exchanger with superhot primary coolant flowing inside tubes, with cold water from the condensers pumped in the bottom.

For the next hour, Lydia pumped and hauled buckets of water, turned over sod with a borrowed shovel, and mopped her sweating brow.

Nathan pumped furiously, then hauled the bucket inside, following Lydia.

Nathan pumped both buckets full and grabbed them before she could pick hers up.

Without wasting any more time talking, he got busy mixing the plaster while she pumped a bucket of water, which she slowly added to the pulpy mess when he directed her to do so.

Once they got him inside the little house that sat near the church, Lydia hurried around finding towels and pumped a basin half full of cool water.

Lydia pumped water and carried the bucket inside while Winnie peeled, chopped and quartered until the pot was filled.

Blackhawk landed a quarter mile from the mouth of the box canyon that hid the DS-Two mine at the edge of the shallow lake of water pumped from the tunnel.

The methane hydrate deposit, a massive pocket of frozen hydrocarbons, vaporized in a swelling cascade as warm water pumped from the top of the tower raised it to its boiling point.

Seizing the brakes, we began, and pumped away with all our might, making the water rush across the deck in a full stream.

Then they pumped out the seawater, exposed the sea floor around the beach, and excavated the five flood tunnels.

It was pumped dry before acceleration and then, after limiting velocity had been attained, had to be cleared by hand of soil and torn vegetation before it could be refilled.

Grand Am, a faded beauty in faded clothes, her fine hair wisping out from under the hairnet, got in and pumped the gas.

The detonations simultaneously ignited the liquid propane gas still being pumped to the interior and ensured oxygen was provided to the environment to sustain the reaction.

Thus, units usually pumped one or the other type of music through to the personnel, helping to set the running beat.