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Puloma was the wife of sage Bhrigu who is considered to be one of the Brahma Rishis in Hindu Vedic scriptures. Bhrigu was one of the mind-born sons of Brahma the creator who was given the honorific of Bramharishi. She was a very virtuous and devoted wife. When she was pregnant with his child, Bhrigu on his morning ablution visit (it is also said that he went out to perform religious rites) to the river had entrusted her to the care of Agni (the fire god). However, at that time a demon named Puloman came to the ashrama (hermitage) of Bhrigu and saw Puloma who had been betrothed to her in the past. He then made an attempt on her modesty and claimed that he had the right to marry her and carry her away as he had asked for her hand in marriage from her father but her father instead had married her off to Bhrigu. He tried to abduct her, after Agni had confirmed to him that she was Bhrigu's wife who had married her as per Hindu scriptural rites in his presence. Hearing this, Puloman, who was besotted with Puloma's beauty, switched his form in to a boar and abducted her. Frightened by this development, Puloma gave birth to her son who fell on the ground. In other versions of the legend, the child removes himself from the womb. This son was named Chavana meaning the "fallen from the womb". The child was shining very bright like the Sun and looking at the baby Puloman was scorched to death leaving behind Puloma and her son.