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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Puller \Pull"er\, n. One who, or that which, pulls.

Proud setter up and puller down of kings.


n. 1 Anything that pulls, but especially a hoist in which a cable is attached to a lever and a ratchet mechanism. 2 a tool, such as a bearing puller.

  1. n. someone who applies force so as to cause motion toward herself or himself

  2. someone who pulls or tugs or drags in an effort to move something [syn: tugger, dragger]


Puller may refer to:

  • Several species in the genus Chromis
  • One-spot puller or brown puller, Atypichthys latus
  • Reticulated puller, Dascyllus reticulatus
  • Spiny-tail puller, Acanthochromis polyacanthus
  • White-spot puller, Dascyllus trimaculatus
Tools People
  • Chesty Puller, a United States Marine Corps officer during World War II and the Korean War, and the most decorated Marine in the history of the Corps
  • Lewis Puller, son of Chesty Puller, who was maimed during the Vietnam War and committed suicide due to complications from his injuries two and a half decades later
Other meanings
  • Puller (computer gaming), a character in an MMORPG whose primary task in a party is to get the initial attention of the enemies and hand it off to the tank
  • Puller (band), an American rock band on Tooth and Nail Records during the 1990s
Puller (band)

Puller was a post-grunge band formed in the mid-1990s. They released three full-length albums and one Split EP for Tooth & Nail Records.

Three of Puller's members were also members of For Love Not Lisa, who released two albums for Atlantic Records in the early 1990s.

Usage examples of "puller".

Sis and old Si and Shep Hodgden and Gimmy Biddle and Charles Fifield was there and father said this will make jest the horse you want for your store and old Si said she aint biger than a rat and father said i gess she is big enuf to carry out all your lodes unless you put down your price, and then they all laffed at Si, and then Si said she was a puller and father said what do you want Josiar one that you have to push, and then they laffed agen and when father called him Josiar i know Si had better look out for when father calls me Henry i know i am in for a liking.

I devised a series of tests: knotting tug lines and putting bungy cords in tug lines to prove to George that Abe was a worthy puller.

Lot 126 was a five-year-old hurdler which someone with a macabre sense of humor had named Hearse Puller, and in a way one could see why.

And even if not, their art would now be at a stop, since from the number of beaters, pullers, inkers and engravers collected by the Rhine, they had lost their workforce.

NOTE: Some readers find it hard to believe that Wang Lung can be so ignorant about prostitution, especially after his experience as a riksha puller in the city.

Both thunderfish pullers were thrashing in their harnesses, blowing tall plumes of dirty water, anxious to be away from the shore.

But by then the pullers had done so much damage that a splinter of bone was sticking out through the skin of the forearm.

Harsh as nineteenth-century factory conditions were, compared to twentieth-century conditions, women increasingly preferred work in the factories to any other alternatives open to them, such as domestic service, or back-breaking work in agricultural gangs, or working as haulers and pullers in the mines.

I was already imagining Chesty Puller standing right there where that little green man was.

I mean, the folks on the other side of the gate would be apt to get testy if you sent 'em eighty-three lutanists and a taffy puller, when what they really wanted was somebody who knew how to make soap.