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a. 1 (context informal English) Resembling vomit in colour, texture, etc. 2 (context informal English) Inclined to vomit; sick. 3 (context informal English) vile; contemptible.

Usage examples of "pukey".

Though transit time proved all but instantaneous, Dylan considered enough dire possibilities to keep fans of gooey-bloody cinema supplied with trashy films full of pukey moments for at least a generation, and then the last of the lavatory folded away and a new place entirely unfolded into existence around them.

He accumulated a carton of corn flakes with very pukey dehydrated peach slices in the box, a can of pink applesauce that resembled tree moss from fairyland, and a package of kosher hot dogs.

She picked up a slice of ordinarily pukey white bread, and carved out a glomp of oozy warm butter from the print slowly melting on the saucer.