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Pujare also known as Pujar, Pujara or Pujari, traditionally belonged to the priestly class in the Kshatriya community of the Maratha society. They are the original inhabitants of Rameshwar in Devgad Taluka of Sindhudurg District in Maharashtra, India.

Their oldest settlement is in Rameshwar also known as Rameshwar Wadi which is a small village located on the coast of Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra on the west coast of India. This settlement has been dated back to the 16th century or before. Within the boundaries of this village, a 16th-century Shri Dev Rameshwar Temple is located, which is dedicated to the Hindu deity Lord Shiva. The temple rituals of Shri Dev Rameshwar Temple are performed by the Pujare. They are responsible for performing all the temple rituals, including Puja and Aarti, as well as taking care of the shivling and murtis. The Pujare act as counselors during Shri Dev Rameshwar festivities and festivals. They have a reputation for being learned and conduct prayer services for Lord Shiva.

Rameshwar is also known for its Alphonso mangoes. Apart from being the priests of the temple, Pujare also own Alphonso mangoes plantation in and around the region. These are few of the age-old plantations in the Konkan region that are being passed on from generations since the 17th century. As per historical records, as far as 9 generations have been known to be recorded in the region.