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Pugo may refer to:

  • Boris Pugo, a Soviet politician
  • Pugo, La Union, a Philippine town
  • Pugo (comedian), a famous Filipino comedian and vaudevillian (1898-1978), born Mariano Contreras. Teamed up with Togo in the tandem Pugo and Togo and Bentot in movies, radio and television
  • the Pugo dialect of the Gallong language, a Tibeto-Burman language of Northeast India
Pugo (comedian)

Mariano Contreras (July 12, 1910 – December 12, 1978), better known by his stage name Pugo, was a Filipino actor, comedian, vaudevillian, and film director, famous as one half of the comedy team Pugo and Tugo during the 1930s up to 1950s. He has sometimes been credited as Mang Nano and was known as the original King of Philippine Comedy.

As an actor, Contreras has performed in movies such as "Nukso ng nukso", released in 1960, "2 Sundalong Kanin" (1952), and "Kambal tuko" (1952), in which he portrayed Momoy. Pugo was also a movie director and has worked on "Kababalaghan o Kabulastugan?", released in 1960.

After Tugo's death in 1952, Contreras teamed up with Bentot in movies, radio and television. His popular TV shows were "Tangtarangtang", "Si Tatang Kasi" and "Wanted Boarders".