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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pugh \Pugh\, interj. Pshaw! pish! -- a word used in contempt or disdain.


interj. (context archaic English) pshaw; pish; a word used in contempt or disdain.


Pugh is a surname, of Welsh (ap Hugh means "son of Hugh" in Welsh), German or Irish origin and may refer to:

  • Alf Pugh (1869–1942), Wales international football goalkeeper
  • Alun Pugh (born 1955), former Labour Welsh Assembly Government Minister for Culture, Welsh Language and Sport
  • Cecil Pugh (1898–1941), South African recipient of the George Cross, the only clergyman so awarded
  • Charlie Pugh (1896–1951), Welsh rugby player
  • Clifton Pugh (1924–1990), Australian artist
  • Daniel Patrick Pugh (born 1956), sportscaster and radio personality, known professionally as "Dan Patrick"
  • Danny Pugh (born 1982), English footballer
  • David Pugh (disambiguation), several people
  • Derek S. Pugh (born 1930), British psychologist and founder of the Aston Group
  • Evan Pugh (1828–1864), first president of the Pennsylvania State University
  • Gareth Pugh (born 1981), English fashion designer
  • George E. Pugh (1822–1876), American politician and U.S. senator from Ohio
  • Griffith Pugh (1909–1994), British mountaineer on the 1953 British Mount Everest Expedition
  • Gwilym Puw, sometimes anglicised as William Pugh (c. 1618-c. 1689), Welsh Catholic poet and Royalist officer
  • Hugh Pugh (disambiguation)
  • Isaac C. Pugh (1805–1874), Union general in the American Civil War
  • James E. Pugh (born 1950), trombonist
  • James L. Pugh (1820–1907), U.S. senator from Alabama, and member of the Confederate Congress during the American Civil War
  • Jamin (Jay) and Mark Pugh, birth names of The Briscoe Brothers, professional wrestlers
  • Jethro Pugh (1944-2015), former National Football League player
  • Jim Pugh (born 1964), American former tennis player
  • John Pugh (born 1948), UK politician
  • Jonathan Pugh (born 1962), English cartoonist
  • Ken Pugh (born c. 1959), American experimental psychologist
  • Kenneth Pugh (rear admiral), Chilean Navy rear admiral
  • Lewis Gordon Pugh (born 1969), British environmental campaigner, maritime lawyer and endurance swimmer
  • Madelyn Pugh (1921–2011), writer known for her work on the television show I Love Lucy
  • Marc Pugh (born 1987), English footballer
  • Mallory Pugh (born 1998), American football player
  • Marion Pugh (1919–1976), American football player
  • Martin Pugh a British guitarist
  • Max Pugh, French-English filmmaker
  • Philip Pugh (1679–1760), Welsh minister
  • Ralph Pugh (1910–1982), English historian
  • Richie Pugh (born 1983), Welsh rugby union player
  • Robert Pugh (born 1950), Welsh film and television actor
  • Sheenagh Pugh (born 1950), British poet, novelist and translator
  • Steve Pugh (born 1966), British comic book artist
  • Steve Pugh (Louisiana politician) (born 1961), member of the Louisiana House of Representatives
  • Stuart Pugh (1929–1993), engineer, innovator, and author; inventor of the Pugh Decision-matrix method
  • Tim Pugh (born 1967), former Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Tom Pugh (1937–2016), English cricketer
  • Tom Pugh (Minnesota politician) (born 1949), former minority leader of the Minnesota House of Representatives
  • Will Pugh (born 1984), lead singer for pop rock group Cartel
  • Willard E. Pugh (born 1959), American actor
  • William Pugh, American computer scientist
  • Zachary Levi Pugh (born 1980), American star of the television show Chuck
Pugh (disambiguation)

Pugh is a surname. Pugh may also refer to:

  • Pugh Island, Nunavut, Canada
  • Pugh Shoal, South Georgia
  • 70446 Pugh, an asteroid
  • Pugh House (disambiguation), various buildings on the National Register of Historic Places

Usage examples of "pugh".

Sirius could now travel far afield and doctor sick sheep without Pugh having to accompany him.

On a certain farm in Glamorganshire lived Rowli Pugh, who was known far and wide for his evil luck.