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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ In fact, the nut resembles a girl's pudendum.
▪ Is that not where all stories lie, in the dumb dell of the pudendum?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pudendum \Pu*den"dum\, n. [NL. See Pudenda.] (Anat.) The external organs of generation, especially of the female; the vulva.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"external genitals," late 14c. (pudenda), from Latin pudendum (plural pudenda), literally "thing to be ashamed of," neuter gerundive of pudere "make ashamed; be ashamed," from PIE root *(s)peud- "to punish, repulse." Translated into Old English as scamlim ("shame-limb"); in Middle English also anglicized as pudende (early 15c.). Related: Pudendal.


n. 1 (context usually in the plural English) An external genital organ in a human; especially a woman’s vulva. 2 (context figuratively English) A shameful part of something.

  1. n. human external genital organs collectively especially of a female

  2. [also: pudenda (pl)]

Usage examples of "pudendum".

Dei filius: non pudet, quia pudendum est: et mortuus est Dei filius: prorsus credibile est, quia ineptum est: et sepultus resurrexit: certum est quia impossibile est.

Standing beside all this was a dazzling computerage priestess, a tall, Junoesque blonde wearing iridescent short shorts which cleanly outlined the deltashaped rise of her pudenda.

But one by one, the other moths closed their female pudenda, accepting defeat and masculinity.

August 1972 to December 1973 in which the conceit was that a personified and all-knowing female pudendum answered the queries of male readers with witty and sometimes sibylline responses.

He was particularly struck by the similarity between certain bivalves and the female pudenda.

They walked in procession two by two, through the streets of the city, only their pudenda covered, as they had gone beyond any sense of shame.

Susanna shouted that she would never grant her beautiful white body to the cellarer and to Salvatore for a miserable beef heart, Pilate wandered around the refectory like a lost soul asking for water to wash his hands, and Fra Dolcino, with his plumed hat, brought the water, then opened his garment, snickering, and displayed his pudenda red with blood, while Cain taunted him and embraced the beautiful Margaret of Trent: and Dolcino fell to weep­ing and went to rest his head on’ the shoulder of Bernard Gui, calling him Angelic Pope, Ubertino con­soled him with a tree of life, Michael of Cesena with a gold purse, the Marys sprinkled him with unguents, and Adam convinced him to bite into a freshly plucked apple.

The skin with each of its folds, wrinkles, and scars, with its velvety plains, its forest of hairs, the dermis, the bosom, the pudenda, having become a sumptuous damask, and the breasts, the nails, the horny formations under the heel, the threads of the lashes, the watery substance of the eyes, the flesh of the lips, the thin spine of the back, the architecture of the bones, everything reduced to sandy powder, though nothing had lost its own form or respective placement, the legs emptied and limp as a boot, their flesh lying flat like a chasuble with all the scarlet embroidery of the veins, the engraved pile of the viscera, the intense and mucous ruby of the heart, the pearly file of even teeth arranged like a necklace, with the tongue as a pink-and-blue pendant, the fingers in a row like tapers, the seal of the navel reknotting the threads of the unrolled carpet of the belly .

And the plebeians have no weapons for refining their laughter until they have made it an instrument against the seriousness of the spiritual shepherds who must lead them to eternal life and rescue them from the seductions of belly, pudenda, food, their sordid desires.

There were very few female students to be seen, and there were legends still circulated about the beautiful Héloïse, who had cost her lover the cutting off of his pudenda, even if it was one thing to be a student, hence by definition ill-famed and yet tolerated, and another to be a professor, like the great and unhappy Abélard.

Boidi, less sensitive than I to mortality, tried to lift those vestments to see the state of the pudenda, for if somebody shows you such things, how can you complain if somebody else thinks of those other things?

At Isis' words the wooden phallus, hinged to the god's pudenda, rose in majestic splendour, as long as my arm, into full erection.

Neither men nor women wore a shred of clothing, and they left their pudenda shamelessly bared, though the younger girls wtire.

She covered her pudenda with both hands, then tilted her head and peeped at him with one eye through the veil.

They wore nothing beneath them, and they had plucked their pudenda so that their unmasked clefts were clearly defined.