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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And don't worry if you can't eat your pud.
▪ As they surveyed their steak and kidney pud and overcooked cabbage in the clubhouse the members began to get the message.
▪ Crumbly, dry texture is more like fruit cake than pud.
▪ Good with the pud, or try instead of port after the meal.
▪ Ideal accompaniment to any sort of pud.
▪ Perfect puds Use rhubarb for a warming winter pudding with either a crumble topping or pastry.
▪ The goose, the stuffing, the Christmas pud, they were all realities.
▪ There's also the pick of shop-bought puds, three alternative Christmas menus and fabulous cakes and desserts.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pud \Pud\, n. Same as Pood.


Pud \Pud\, n. The hand; the first. [Colloq.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

slang for "penis," 1939 (in James Joyce), according to OED and DAS from pudding in the same slang sense (1719); from the original "sausage" sense of pudding (q.v.).


Etymology 1 n. 1 (context colloquial English) pudding (either sweet or savoury). (from 18th c.) 2 (context slang English) penis. (from 20th c.) Etymology 2

n. (context colloquial English) Child's hand; child's fist. Etymology 3

n. (alternative form of pood English)


n. (British) the dessert course of a meal (`pud' is used informally) [syn: pudding]


PUD may refer to:

  • Planned Unit Development
  • Public Utility District
  • Peptic ulcer disease
  • PUD (operating system)
  • peeled undeveined shrimp
PUD (operating system)

PUD GNU/Linux is a light and fast LiveCD based on Ubuntu Linux, which takes up small size, with (both Simplified/Traditional) Chinese enhancements.

The main purpose of this project is to provide a complete Linux desktop, yet remain simple and easy to use.

Category:Chinese-language Linux distributions

Usage examples of "pud".

Bill Williams one day late in May to Pud Jones, as the latter sauntered across the athletic field.

Bob Hunt, Pud Jones and Bill Williams left Broad Street Station for Canada.

New York without any unusual happenings, but Pud got separated from them at the Big Pennsylvania Railroad Station and they were worried until they saw his big good-natured form looming up at the train gate at the Grand Central Station.

A good-natured, argument followed and the result was that Bob took the lower berth, Pud the sofa and Bill went upstairs.

Bob nor Pud had time to say a word before they saw Bill turn to follow the soldier.

Chateau Frontenac, chatting and laughing and having a good feed, as Pud expressed it.

In good time they turned in, and five-thirty saw Bob out of bed and on top of Pud, who said that he could not get awake.

Bob, pointing to Pud, who slept on, totally unconscious of all that had aroused the others.

Goliath in his wrath, Pud arose, cot, mattress, blankets, two yelling boys, and all, and shook himself.

That was the last thing Pud thought of for he cast the rod away and turned to the canoe.

In another moment he was in the back seat, giving Pud directions how to climb in without upsetting the canoe.

As they started to row back to the camp Pud felt something sticking him in the back.

Bill, quick-witted also, rushed to his assistance, and between them they hauled Pud back, though all three were on the ground and nearly over the edge before the two could stop the heavy Pud.

We thought it was all over with the two of you, but Bill recovered his balance just in time to grab Bob and, I tell you, we sweat some while you were tugging to get Pud back, for it was a wonder that the rock under you did not give way and let you all down.

Anderson, having heard of the fact that Pud was bound to have his morning dip no matter how cold the water, thought to have some sport with him.