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n. (context slang US euphemistic dated English) feces, shit.

Usage examples of "pucky".

As Major Salzburger was finally receiving orders to pick up the completed mental-absorbers from Mars, Rhodan called Pucky to him.

Major Salzburger had come back safely from Earth with the requested special devices and had also brought Pucky and the tiger creature with him.

She had justified her claim by pointing out that, after all, she and Pucky had discovered the invisibles together.

Inasmuch as her skill as a teleporter had been perfected in the meantime and she was practically equal to Pucky in telekinesis and telepathy, Rhodan had had no qualms about including her on the mission.

The mousebeaver maiden, a bit smaller and daintier than Pucky, could only calm herself and watch.

When Pucky finally worked himself free after 10 minutes of struggling he gave the cat a slap on the back by way of saying goodbye.

Although it was a surprise it was less of one for Claudrin than it was for Pucky, Iltu and some of the mutants.

Following this conclusion, Pucky concentrated his attention on the near surroundings of the plaza but in the deep shadows between the buildings there was nothing he could see.

When Pucky followed his gaze he noticed a second figure which looked exactly like the first one.

On the other hand, Pucky may show up and that would save a lot of grief.

Two seconds later, Pucky saw the second one, then the third and the fourth.

In contrast to Pucky, Rhodan had gone in a westerly direction and had thus delayed the sunset in relation to himself.

Iltu looked all about her as if she expected at any moment to see one of the mysterious figures appear, which Pucky had unknowingly described to her.

This could only mean that the fissure would have had to open to receive Putzi-and probably Pucky as well.

There was a note of pride in her voice because finally she had a chance to play a decisive role and maybe rescue Pucky in case he was being held captive.