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n. (plural of pub English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: pub)

Usage examples of "pubs".

He remembers whiling away bored evenings in strange pubs while Mags, for hour upon hour, waited to rehearse her brief entrance as a parlourmaid.

There are pubs ten miles away from Dean Street that are spiritually as Soho as the French House.

Christopher, a couple of hours yet, but most of the club bars and pubs have already filled up.

No use trying to retrace his steps all the pubs would be closed by now.

Kim Grizzard had been furiously scribbling down the list of pubs on a scrap of paper.

Jackdaw, typical of the pocket-sized pubs still to be found by the score in Brighton.

He reaches Trafalgar Street and the Whip Tavern, another of those little pocket-handkerchief pubs so small that if you sneezed you could send the entire clientele home with head colds.

Mooch along Charing Cross Road, locate the Groucho, couple of pubs, call her up.

For after the pubs turned out the men would meander home in a state of inebriation and with a raging hunger brought on by drinking steadily from ten-thirty that morning.

Black Cat factory where he picked up cigarettes to sell in pubs and clubs for a fraction of their retail price, had got under his skin.

On weekends he would be seen paying out in the pubs around East London and Essex with a smile and his self-deprecating wit.

She knew better than to phone certain pubs and watering-holes because it would then have alerted people to what could be a serious situation.

They have Callie Road, the fucking main pubs, the fucking docks and all the poxy local boozers.

Now, though, Dave Williams and his brothers used the Mill House as their base, mainly because they were not sure if they were really welcome in any of the pubs they had frequented for years.

He liked the skirt, the pubs and the way the locals left them to their own devices.