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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
public television
▪ But there is another scene, scarcely ever shown, even on public television.
▪ Carl Sagan, perhaps, on public television?
▪ If balance is important it can not be limited to public television.
▪ It took several years before we were able to reinstate a comprehensive schedule of public affairs programming on public television.
▪ Some public television stations applauded the new initiative as something of a programming coup.
▪ Weighty matters of economics and foreign policy appeared to be at stake as were the integrity and independence of public television.

Usage examples of "public television".

There was the bombe to prepare for the governor's charity banquet, the annual meeting of the Gourmet Society, the demonstration she'd agreed to do for public television….

He had read more than his share of nature stories and preferred animal shows on public television to anything &quot.

Prisoners of Gravity has made a limited foray into Public Television here in the United States, appearing on 13 PBS stations nationwide.

Last night, unable to concentrate on What Maisie Knew any longer, I found myself watching a documentary about Edinburgh on public television.

Blinn's group at JPL animated the striking computer simulations of the Voyager probes' journeys to the outer planets, widely shown on network and public television in 1980-81.

They allow a TV company to film the years of development, and at the end there's a six-part show on public television.

Again, I distinctly remembered that the channels allowed were restricted to ESPN, Food Network, occasionally TLC and Cartoon Network, and public television.

Huddled on the bed in her bathrobe, Jenny watched a play on public television.

Somebody must want to preserve quality public television for themselves and their children.